Greetings from Rev Greg

We had a great service of celebration today, including a time of Thanksgiving for the life of John Morrison. This service was recorded if you would like to watch it. At the conclusion of worship this morning the Church Council met to discuss plans for worship at the present time. The council unanimously decided to suspend face to face worship in our church building until it is safe to resume normal worship patterns.

This does not mean we cannot worship as a congregation, just that we need to worship in our homes and not by gathering together in our church building. To assist you in your worship we will provide resources to assist you to worship at home. We aim to develop printed material and online resources like prayers, sermons, or reflections on the readings.

We are suggesting people might like to read, pray listen in your home at 11am on a Sunday morning. This could be followed by watch Songs of Praise. In this way many of us could still worship together, even though we cannot meet together.

Your Elder will be an important contact person for Pastoral and communication needs. We are currently checking the Elders lists to update them. If you do not have an Elder, you can contact Rev Joan Wright, who will be our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator.

We will be providing a number of resources to enable our members to worship at home. If you do not have access to the Internet, we will make arrangements to deliver or post resource is to you. For people with Internet and email access there are many options, we will develop ways of delivering resources and options to you electronically.

In these challenging times, it is important to keep in touch, in whatever ways are available to us. To continue to prayer for our congregation, community, nation and world, and our personal situations. We will all need to draw on the faith that God gives us in these uncertain times

Yours in Christ

Rev Gregory Fry

March 23rd 2020