Property Redevelopment


Planning of our property development has been an arduous and laborious process but we're pleased to announced that all plans are complete and the necessary permits obtained. The project is now 'out to tender' in the hands of three approved builders. We expect to have the results of these endrs by the end of the month.

Changes in Authority requirements have also required many changes to ensure our property meets all current safety, access, fire and disability regulations. This has been a significant task given the age and condition of our buildings but the end result will be a very efficient, flexible, up to date facility that will enhance our mission objectives and promote increased community involvement.

Stage 4 works comprise:

  • Bringing all areas to the same floor level (no steps or ramps internally!);
  • Converting the Stage to a second Meeting Room;
  • Converting the old “Chapel” and External Toilets into a secure CMUC Office & store;
  • Fitting out the Vestry to provide a dedicated area for Minister’s use;
  • Adding 70 m2 of partitioned Storage space along the Maude St façade;
  • Expanding and completely upgrading the Kitchen area;
  • Replacing all the stormwater drains to the front of the site;
  • Replacing all Charman Rd pavements & enabling easy drive through to rear carpark;
  • Upgrading Charman Rd ambulant access to include a safe, compliant ramp with handrails;
  • Provision of covered drop off at the front with compliant disabled access to front doors;
  • Complete renewal of front landscaping.

Now that updating the Architectural and Structural design is nearing completion the Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Civil works updates will be progressed. Audio, Visual, Tech Power, Data and Security Services will also be re-visited in due course to ensure we are availing ourselves of the full advancements made in these areas over the last few years. The latter will most probably occur once we have a new acceptable Tender.

- Alan Millard


Click on image to read about the UCA Property Services Team who are responsible for administration of all property and finances applications.

This is the group within UCA Synod with whom we are currently engaged to determine the best way forward, given all our present resources.

The article sets out the vital relation between mission and property, and then explains the rigourous process involved when a church such as ours wishes to engage in "Mission Motivated Development" - a 'must' read.